Paltrinieri’s Agriturismo


A magical and welcoming place.

The Agriturismo Paltrinieri is the ideal place for your important events or to enjoy an evening tasting Guido’s specialties.

A simple and genuine cuisine that has its roots in the ancient recipes kept by the Paltrinieri family.


Traditional dishes prepared with love.

The ideal place to rediscover the pleasures of excellent homemade pasta, locally farmed meat, vegetables grown in our gardens, and carefully prepared desserts.

Our dishes are made with products coming only from our lands. With our exclusive Balsamic Vinegar as the extra ingredient that enhances the flavour.

Organize your event at the Agriturismo

Acetaia Paltrinieri is the ideal place for: events, weddings, baptisms, ceremonies, birthdays, parties, company events and fresh pasta-making classes.

Are you a lover of fine cuisine?

In our Agriturismo, you can “put your hands in the dough”.

We organize cooking classes for groups. Everyone will have their own station with cutting board, rolling pin, and the necessary to make fresh pasta in a traditional Emilian way.

Our Chef will show you how to roll the pasta and our staff will help you make it. It all ends with a lunch or dinner where you can enjoy what you have made (max 40 people).

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